Friday, February 28, 2014

[such a good message for all the girls]

I thought it took guts to sing this song in the American Idol competition. The world/entertainment industry tells us women/girls that we need to dress provocatively to be noticed by the opposite sex or to be popular. The so called "stars" (such an unfitting name to people who so often don't radiate light) seem to compete with each other who can show more skin and get away with it. "Please look at me and my amazing body" is the message we get bombarded with every day. To me, modesty is way more sexy. It shows that the person has confidence and that they're not self centered.   

I love that the singer, Spencer, is a cute, young guy and that he felt strongly enough about the message of this song to sing it during the competition. Way to go Spencer and way to go all of you women and girls who dare to be modest in today's "show it all" world. It takes bravery to go against the popular choices of the world.

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