Thursday, April 24, 2014

[you go ahead and think you came from monkeys, I don't buy it! :)]

I've always thought it's weird that people think evolution has been scientifically proved. It hasn't been! It's just someone's theory. One day people are going to laugh and say they can't believe this was taught as science in schools. :)

The science vs. faith discussion is silly in my opinion. They don't need to be opposed. Science is just people trying to figure out how God does everything. God knows all the science, all the natural laws. He knows everything. He uses that knowledge and creates worlds. What we, people, know about our universe (and the millions and billions of other universes out there) is minuscule compared to what God knows. He has created "worlds without number" and He knows exactly how He did it. We probably don't even know one billionth of what He knows. We haven't even completely explored the oceans on this earth yet! 

There are many scientists who have started to believe in God once they have studied nature. They are convinced that something so harmonious, beautiful and perfectly balanced couldn't be in existence without a Supreme Creator. To me, nature and everything out there testifies of this same fact. The more I learn about nature, the more respect I have for it's Creator. God is the best Artist! A Master Planner and Organizer. The Best Scientist. And still - He is our Father too, and chooses to be called by that name.

ps. In case you're wondering - there are people like us in those other universes! But that's a whole other long discussion. :)