Sunday, October 28, 2012

[calgary temple]

Feel free to use my photos of the Calgary Temple.
For personal use only.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[general conference for kids]

Some fun things to do with children before General Conference:

We just did these games in Activity Days and the girls loved it! Especially the "Don't Eat the Prophet!" game because it involved candy.

The girls also loved this coloring page:

 Cuter than cute lds coloring pages by Melonheadz LDS Illustrations:

[ ♥ ]

President Boyd K. Packer:
“Twice in our marriage, at the time of the births of two of our little boys, we have had a doctor say, “I do not think you are going to keep this one.” Both times this brought the response from us that we would give our lives if our tiny son could keep his. In the course of that offer, it dawned on us that this same devotion is akin to what Heavenly Father feels about each of us. What a supernal thought."


Hard to find time to do genealogy?

President Boyd K. Packer's solution:
“…we adopted the practice of getting up an hour or two earlier each day.”

I can imagine that he was already getting up pretty early to fulfill his duties.