Monday, November 28, 2011

{FHE: patterning our lives to Jesus' life}

These horse drawings were part of one of our family home evenings. We first tried to draw as realistic horses as we could. Then we actually followed the horse pattern to draw them again. Of course they looked much better then. We talked about following Jesus' example and how much better our lives will turn out when we follow a great pattern. etc.

The horses: sienna's, mine, jay's (we laughed about his horse's short neck), then sienna's & jay's with a pattern. sienna traced the horse first.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{advent calendar}

I typed a scripture/Christmas song inserts for an advent calendar. I copied them from an old Friend magazine and changed it a bit.

D&C 33: 11-12
Jesus taught the principles of His gospel. Memorize and recite the fourth article of faith. Sing “Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus”

Luke 17: 11-19
Jesus praised the leper who returned to thank Him. Talk about your blessings. Sing “Stars Were Gleaming”.

D&C 1: 37
Jesus counselled Latter-Day Saints to study His commandments. Talk about blessings that come when we keep a certain commandment. Sing “When Joseph Went to Bethlehem”.

3 Nephi 25: 5-6
Jesus said that the hearts of children should turn to their parents. Ask your parents to tell you about Christmases when they were young. Sing “Little Jesus”.

D&C 19: 38-39
Jesus asks us to pray always. Is there anything specific you should pray for as a family? Sing “There Was Starlight on the Hillside”.

Mark 10: 13-14
Jesus showed that children are very important to Him. Color a picture of Jesus with children and make it into a Christmas tree ornament. Sing “The Shepherd’s Carol”.

Matthew 22: 34-40
Jesus taught us to love our neighbors. Do something nice for a neighbour. Sing “Once within a Lowly Stable”.

D&C 21: 1, 4-5
Our prophet tells us what Jesus wants us to do. Read “A Prophet’s Love” from Friend 10/2009, page 2. Sing “Away in a Manger”.

John 13: 34-35
We show that we want to follow Jesus when we love other people. Do something nice to someone. Sing “Mary’s Lullaby”

D&C 89: 10-11, 18-20
Jesus revealed the Word of Wisdom to help us to be healthy. Make a healthy Christmas snack together. Sing “Who is the Child?”

3 Nephi 27: 29
Jesus promised that Heavenly Father will answer our prayers. How has prayer blessed your life? Sing “Sleep, Little Jesus”.

3 Nephi 12: 6
Jesus taught that we will be blessed for seeking righteousness. Discuss how you can do that. Sing “Oh, Hush Thee My Baby”.

D&C 25:12
Talk about how music can uplift us. Sing “Picture a Christmas”.

D&C 76: 22-24
Even though Jesus was born two thousand years ago, He has appeared to prophets of our time. Read the first presidency article in December Friend. Sing “Have a Very Merry Christmas!”

3 Nephi 27:7
Jesus told His disciples to call the Church in His name. Sing “I Belong to the Church of J.C.” and “The Nativity Song”.

3 Nephi 12: 16
Jesus asked us to be examples to those around us. Discuss how you can do that. Sing “Christmas Bells”.

D&C 35: 26
Jesus wants us to be happy. Discuss about things that make you happy. Share examples. Sing “Jesus Once Was a Little Child”.

D&C 108: 7
Jesus asks us to help each other be strong in the gospel. Talk about how going to Church each Sunday strengthens your faith. Sing “Tell me the Stories of Jesus”.

3 Nephi 23: 1
Jesus commanded the Nephites to study the words of Isaiah. Read Isaiah 53: 3-5 and discuss it. Sing “Beautiful Savior”.

Matthew 6: 3-4
Jesus taught that we should quietly help other people. Surprise someone with treats anonymously. Sing “I’m Trying to Be like Jesus”.

3 Nephi 12: 9
Jesus promised to bless the peacemakers. Discuss how you can be a peacemaker wherever you are. Sing “I Feel My Savior’s Love”.

3 Nephi 18: 21
Jesus taught us to pray with our families. Discuss about what kinds of things you should pray for. Sing “When He Comes Again”.

3 Nephi 18: 6-7
Jesus asked His followers to always remember Him, especially when partaking of the sacrament. Make a Christmas tree ornament with a picture of Jesus in it. Sing “He Died That We Might Live Again”.

3 Nephi 17: 21-24
Jesus blessed little children because he loved them. How can you show love for children you know? Sing “Jesus Loved the Little Children”.

Read everyone’s favorite scripture of Jesus or everyone tells one story of Jesus’ life. Sing “Picture a Christmas”.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{sifting process}

"I am thankful that God allows those who do not keep his commandments to fall away, so that his Church may be cleansed, and, in this respect, this Church is different from any other that is upon the earth... The sifting or weeding process has been going on from the commencement of this Church until the present time."

President George Q. Cannon

Ensign, November 1993, Neal A. Maxwell's talk

Saturday, November 5, 2011

{FHE: forgiveness}

I made this for this Primary lesson. Feel free to use it. Click on the picture to see it larger.

{FHE - worshiping at church}

 I made this image for my Primary lesson: Primary book #3, Choose the Right B, ages 4-7, lesson #40

The illustration can also be used for FHE. Talk about Sunday worship and the four ways to worship (listen, sing, pray, sacrament). Put the star in a gift bag and give everyone an opportunity to pull the star out of the bag. They are then to answer the question about the word on the point of the star they are holding.

listen: Who are some people we should listen to at church?

sing: Name one song you like to sing at church.

pray: Name one time we offer a prayer at church.

sacrament: Name one thing you can do during the sacrament.

The children can color this scripture and draw a picture of their family singing in the church.

Click the pictures to see them larger.

{we need to be prepared - now!}

"I believe it is time, and perhaps with some urgency, to review the counsel we have received in dealing with our personal and family preparedness. We want to be found with oil in our lamps sufficient to endure to the end. President Kimball, "In reviewing the Lord's counsel to us on the importance of preparedness, I am impressed with the plainness of the message. The Savior made it clear that we cannot place sufficient oil in our preparedness lamps by simply avoiding evil. We must also be anxiously engaged in appositive program of preparation."
I would guess that the years of plenty have almost universally caused us to set aside this counsel. I believe the time to disregard this counsel is over. With events in the world today, it must be considered with all seriousness.
...The instability in the world today makes it imperative that we take heed of the counsel and prepare for the future."

Elder L. Tom Perry
October 1995 General Conference

imperative = not to be avoided or evaded, expressive of a command
synonyms: mandatory, necessary, obligatory

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{being consecrated}

We need to consecrate ourselves and not be casual members of the Church.

Neal A. Maxwell, Ensign, November 1992:

"Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus!"

"But is being consecrated and "swallowed up" a threat to our individuality? No! Heavenly Father is only asking us to lose the old self in order to find the new and the real self. It is not a question of losing our identity but of finding our true identity!"

"Increased consecration is not so much a demand for more hours of Church work as it is for more awareness of Whose work this really is!"

"Only when things begin to come into focus "with an eye single" do we see "things as they really are"! What a view awaits!"

"Becoming more like Jesus in thought and behavior is not grinding and repressing, but emancipating and discovering!"

"More members need the immense relief and peace which can come from being "settled" without which those individuals will be like "the troubled sea, when it cannot rest."

"There is another special reason to become settled: we will live in a time in which "all things shall be in commotion." The uncertainties, upheavals, and topsy-truviness of today's world will be such that those who vacillate and equivocate will be tossed about by severe turbulence."

"Brothers and sisters, whatever we embrace instead of Jesus and His work will keep us from qualifying to enter His kingdom and therefore from being embraced by Him. May we be settled and prepare now for that marvelous moment then..."

orthodoxy = the quality or state of being orthodox
orthodox = confirming to established doctrine esp. in religion
synonyms: regular, formal
antonyms: casual, informal, irregular

emancipate = to free from restraint, control, or the power of another
= to free from bondage

vacillate = to sway through lack of dquilibrium, fluctuate, to waver in mind, will, or feeling, hesitate in choice of opinions or courses

equivocate = to avoid committing oneself in what one says