Saturday, November 5, 2011

{FHE - worshiping at church}

 I made this image for my Primary lesson: Primary book #3, Choose the Right B, ages 4-7, lesson #40

The illustration can also be used for FHE. Talk about Sunday worship and the four ways to worship (listen, sing, pray, sacrament). Put the star in a gift bag and give everyone an opportunity to pull the star out of the bag. They are then to answer the question about the word on the point of the star they are holding.

listen: Who are some people we should listen to at church?

sing: Name one song you like to sing at church.

pray: Name one time we offer a prayer at church.

sacrament: Name one thing you can do during the sacrament.

The children can color this scripture and draw a picture of their family singing in the church.

Click the pictures to see them larger.

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