Sunday, May 7, 2017

[love and kindness vs. hate and persecution]

From my Facebook page:
This quote is resonating with me big time right now. I have experienced bigotry because of my faith. Somehow we have to get past each other's differences and see that kindness and love is always the right way to go. It's a great idea to search our hearts every once in awhile to see if any bigotry or hatred lives there. If we find any, then we can sweep it out and life will be much brighter and sunnier as a result. And yes, this is a quote by an Apostle in my Church. It shouldn't matter that he is a Latter-Day Saint (a "Mormon"). You can learn wisdom from many sources. I have been reading a book in which Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu share their thoughts on the topic of joy. I don't need to be a Buddhist or an Anglican to appreciate their wisdom and to learn from them. Let's not be scared of each other's differences. Let's cherish good in any culture or faith. The more we learn about people who are different from us, the less scared we are of them. True tolerance will then flourish.

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