Monday, February 20, 2017

[sacred music]

Preparing a Sunday School lesson and reading Elder Oaks' talk "Worship Through Music" from October 1994 General Conference. 
Sacred music is so powerful! So grateful to have such beautiful music to uplift and edify us. Music can touch our hearts so powerfully. Here's an experience from Elder Oaks' life:

Last spring some of our children and fourteen of our grandchildren had a family outing in the mountains. One of our activities was a meeting to share experiences and testimonies. We gathered at the appointed time, but the little people were only gathered in body. The large spirits in those little bodies were clamoring for more of the exciting outdoor activities they had been enjoying. The cabin where we met was too small to contain them, and it seemed as if a dozen restless children and their outcries were ricocheting off the walls in every direction. Grandparents will appreciate the apprehension I felt at trying to sponsor something serious in that setting.
Suddenly the instinctive wisdom of young mothers rescued our efforts. Two mothers began to sing a song familiar to the children. Others joined in, and within a few minutes the mood had changed and all spirits were subdued and receptive to spiritual things. I offered a silent prayer of thanks for hymns and for mothers who know how to use them!

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