Wednesday, April 8, 2015

[surely we must help others in need]

This was one of my favorite General Conference talks. Pure religion is taking care of the poor and needy. Love how tenderhearted President Eyring always is and how he can barely hold back the tears when he speaks. heart emoticon Love how organized our Church is with the task of helping people around the world (whether they are members of our Church or not). Just recently, due to my Church calling (my "volunteer job"), I helped five families receive food from the local food storehouse our Church has to help those who are struggling. Our Church is very well organized to help the poor and needy around the world. If a disaster strikes, our Church is instantly ready to ship supplies right away (the humanitarian center in Utah is an amazing place!) and thousands of Church volunteers always offer a helping hand as well. People often say that it's enough to believe in God and live a good life. But Jesus organized His Church for a reason - it's so much easier to help others when there is a well organized organization to do that. Plus the Church offers ton of opportunities for volunteer service. I have even crocheted bandages for people with leprosy (how can there still be leprosy in the world?!) and have made washable sanitary pads for girls who don't have access to them (and miss school because of it). I doubt I'd do anything like that if I didn't go to my church. I love the Church I belong to. I love the gospel! heart emoticon

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