Monday, July 29, 2013

[FHE handout - the great apostasy]

Here's the next handout to go with the Preach My Gospel manual. This goes with the topic "The Great Apostasy" on page 35. You can talk about the church Jesus organized while he was on earth. To find out what the foundation of the church was, you play "Hangman" (I prefer to draw a flower instead) to find the two words: priesthood and revelation. You can then talk about how Jesus called 12 apostles to lead his church. Jesus gave them authority (priesthood) to teach his gospel and to administer the ordinances correctly. Jesus gave them revelation how to lead the church the way he wanted it to be lead. Then you can talk about how the apostles were killed. There were no more priesthood on earth = no more revelation. People started to disagree about doctrine and teach the gospel in their own way. Etc. 

To use the handout, just right click on the first picture, save it as a JPG file into your computer, then insert the picture into a Microsoft Word document and print it out. 

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