Friday, December 9, 2011


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I wrote a poem! Seriously? Me? One day it just came. I'm sure it needs more work but I thought I'd share it here.


My eyes are tired
From lack of sleep.
Some nights are long,
Worries run deep.

My hands are tired,
They've done so much.
Lives have been blessed
By a motherly touch.

My mind is tired,
So much to do.
I reach and reach
These little ones to teach.

A baby, a toddler,
Now in school...
The years go by fast.
Oh how to make them last?

Life can be hard,
There are many tears.
But the Spirit conquers
All my fears.

In God I'll trust
When life gets rough.
I'll do my best.
It is enough.

My God I'll praise,
His plan is great.
My mother's role
I'll celebrate.

My heart is full.
My joy is deep.
These precious memories
I'll always keep.

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